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First Post
December 31, 2010 9:25 AM
Hello there!
 This is probably my third or fourth time trying to keep up a blog
so we'll see how it goes?

I can't wait for the fucking SUMMER to come
I know I know, we just got into winter, but damn... I'm sick of it already!

There's snow up to my waist, there's dumbass homeowers who don't shovel
(there's a special place in hell for you)

Its just all-around misery.
I'm not used to harsh weather like this...

However! There is a light at the end of this frigid, ice-encrusted tunnel.
there might be a big gal meet here in New York City!
I'm so excited! Hopefully we can get together, take puri, and y'know
be wild and get sexy and all that jazz~

Gotta figure out what I'm going to wear!
And my hair and accessories! Geez, things to do~

I really love this kind of makeup, I wish I wasn't so damn pale
from the winter blues, so I can do this:

Isn't it adorable? I used to hate the droopy look, but now I love it!

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