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Gal meet and lens
January 15, 2011 9:38 PM
Last Thursday Catze decided to organized a meet up of friends before she left
It was an awesome idea!
And to think I wanted to stay at home and be a bum!
Thanks to Malia for convincing/bullying me to get off my ass
to see her for the last time
Since she goes to college in Maryland, SAGEPOYOO~~

I finally got to meet Usagi and Ashely!
They're both so down-to-earth, chill and gorgeous gals
Ashely's outfit was TO DIE FOR,
lucky girl lives in Japan at the moment~
She got extensions to match her mint fur-tail keychain,
that's what I call STYLE!!

Didn't take as many as pictures as I wanted too,
too busy having fun!

We met up in the city, and walked around a bit
We decided on japanese food, we went to Go in St. Marks Place
it was really yummy!
I normally dislike japanese food, not my cuppa
but I got this cheese filled chicken thing and it was DELICIOUS

We went to go play pool for an hour
we wanted to wait for Webster Hall's Girl's Night
The music was BANGIN'~!
Loved it~ the Electro room was awesome!
We were dancing non-stop!

Didn't get back to Malia's place until 3AM!!
I've never stayed out so long and/or went clubbing

... how sad am I?

Anyways, on to the pictures!

Malia and Ashely (Bulaklak)

Malia and the lovely Usagi!

... like I said, no pictures of that night, sageeee!

Anyways, I like my new makeup style, I practice whenever I can!

Here's a close up and two full-faced pics:

I draw on my bottom lashes with creme liner for now
I love the effect, though!

Showing off my new green nudys! I love them!
Not the brightest in color, but the halo coloring is nice~

See ya guys later ♥

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